Life Skills Groups

Life Skills Group

Life skills groups are designed for groups of no more than five adults with disabilities. Sessions run for 10 weeks and are individualized based on the strengths and needs of each group member. Participants will be guided in choosing a single broad goal to accomplish over the 10 weeks, and a job coach specialist and lead music therapist will break down the goal into achievable, measurable, realistic, objectives, working with the participant to achieve these goals.

Therapuetic music interventions include:

  • Movement through music: using dance and yoga to improve physical and social skills.
  • Functional instrument play: Working together or independently playing an instrument to improve social and physical skills.
  • Singing: Using call-and-response, musical social stories, performing, and group singing to improve cognitive, emotional, and social skills.
  • Sensory exploration: Using a variety of instruments and tools that improve motor, cognitive, and activities of daily living skills

Goal areas may include:

  • Cognitive - increasing the ability to identify objects, concepts, and build on individual strengths
  • Emotional - improving emotional awareness, and identifying and implementing coping strategies.
  • Social - increasing the ability to follow rules, interact in community events, and share experiences with others.
  • Activities of daily living - improving foundational skills that promote independence in a community setting.
  • Physical - improving muscle tone, range of motion, palmer and pincher grasp, and crossing midline.