Early Intervention Group
(Ages 3-5)


Early Intervention Group (Ages 3-5)

Our Early Intervention small group sessions focus on helping children obtain the foundational skills necessary for participation in full inclusion and special education academic classes.

Goal areas may include:

  • Self-regulation - being able to sit in a chair independently for an appropriate amount of time
  • Social interaction - working together with peers to build meaningful relationships and collaboration with projects and experiences
  • Pre-school concepts - matching and identifying colors, letters, numbers and objects
  • Fine and Gross Motor - palmar and pincer grasp, locomotion in and out of the classroom, and hand-eye coordination
  • Communication - expressive and receptive language skills, eye contact, gestures/body language, sign language, and tone quality of voice

Therapeutic Music Interventions may include:

  • Functional instrument play: Working together or independently playing an instrument to improve social and motor skills.
  • Movement to music: Using dance and yoga to improve social, motor, and communication skills.
  • Singing: Using call-and-response, performing, and group singing to improve self-regulation, social, academic, motor, and communication skills.
  • Sensory exploration: Using a variety of instruments and tools that improve self-regulation and motor skills