Developmental Music Classes
(Ages 0-5)

Developmental Music Classes (Ages 0-5)

Tones of Fun Developmental Music classes (Ages 0-5) provide opportunties for parents and children to interact with each other through music. Since parents are their child’s first teacher and the most important role model, Tones of Fun classes include send-home resources and extensions for the home environment. Tones of Fun curricula and interventions are based on age group. If you are interested in joining a waitlist or have a group of friends that want to enroll, we have customized packages for you!

  • Family Tones of Fun: 0-5 years
  • Baby Tones of Fun: 0-12 Months
  • Toddler Tones of Fun: 13-36 months
  • Pre-K Tones of Fun: 3-5 years

Goal areas may include:

Therapeutic music interventions may include:

  • Sensory exploration: Using a variety of textures, sounds, and vestibular input to improve sensory awareness and regulation
  • Functional instrument play: Playing instrument with parent or independently to improve fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills
  • Singing: Singing along to songs and books to improve pre-reading, cognitive, rhyming, matching, color identification, and directional concepts
  • Relaxation: Identify ways that child calms down body through lullabies, yoga, and deep breathing