Adaptive Lessons

Adaptive lessons, taught by a board-certified music therapist, provide instrumental instruction for individuals who may have a difficult time learning in a “traditional” setting. These lessons are uniquely customized to capitalize on the individual student’s strengths and learning style and ensure a safe and successful music-learning experience. Our music therapists are trained to utilize tools like color-coding systems, differently-sized or adapted instruments, and alternative musical notations to support clients in learning how to play a new instrument. Toneworks offers adaptive lessons in piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, and voice.

Goal areas may include:

  • Musical knowledge skills - Improving instrument playing, sound identification/localization, musicianship skills
  • Cognitive skills - identifying colors, letters, and improving literacy skills
  • Gross/Fine Motor skills - range of motion, palmar and pincer grasp, crossing midline, bilateral motion, and muscle relaxation
  • Confidence building - improving the ability to perform and increasing self-expression in a non-threatening environment.

Therapeutic music interventions may include: