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January 3, 2018
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January 10, 2018
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Spotify Playlist of the Week: Workout Jams

Hello and happy Monday, everyone!

Did you know that the top 3 most reported New Year’s resolutions are to stay fit and healthy, to lose weight and to enjoy life to the fullest? If one of these happen to be on your list of goals for 2018, we hope that you will enjoy this week’s Spotify playlist: “Workout Jams”! We’ve compiled several motivating, upbeat songs that will help you get through a work-out, or just help you get you through the week! The playlist features songs from artists like Beyoncé, Queen, Kenny Loggins, Imagine Dragons and more! To listen, click here !

Happy listening! We hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

Emily Knezz, Toneworks Music Therapy Intern